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This is the first post and will be a bit long winded but what can I say I love talking about my car.

Well this all started when I got fed up of owning the MX5 and at Japfest a few years back I seen a old Honda Sedan. Not knowing what it was I took photo’s and looked them up and from that point on I was on the hunt for the perfect one.

After ruining one and buying a rusty one which ended up in the great scrapyard in the sky I finally found the perfect one 2 hours away seen the photo’s and found the perfect base for my little scene queen. Here are the pictures I got sent when I was heading down to look at it but I already made my mind up before I even got too look closely at the car!

1422501_10153656992513761_6669379378146386528_n (1) 11025121_10153656993308761_7687736536598101515_n 11034174_10153656992233761_6891218099342256587_n


I drove her home with the biggest grin. Too many she is a boring 1.4l auto but too me nothing could be better the perfect shape nice lines bullet proof. AND ALL FOR £500 and so the story began. the first port of call after getting her homes was within the first 24 hours I got her decked and out for her first photo shoot after a polish. Took me around 3 hours to get all the suspension done and fitted and leveled out but the result even on standard wheels was good enough for me.13418_10153687367018761_1473752660034724793_n 11046533_10153687367733761_8530696838037063026_n

Took me ages to get wheels or get the paint sorted out since I didn’t want to get the wrong wheels so I was going around peoples to test fit spacers wheels and different stretch’s on tyres to make sure I didn’t ruin the arches or the natural lines of the car which I really like.



Those where 15×8 ET10 with a 195/45 which made me go on the hunt for some so I rolled the arches a small amount and came back with these 3SDM 003’s which fitted and well looked the dogs bollocks.

9454_10153857290138761_6785450084908936852_n 11059782_10153857290123761_8205053871980629616_n


But work started to slow down as I didn’t realize that I was having a weird pain in my hip when I was getting up and down turned out I had Osteoarthritis meaning that I was going to be signed off from work have no money and be in far too much pain too do any of the actual work on my car which killed me. It did mean on the other hand that I have found out that I have some of the most amazing friends who came round and made sure that my car was road legal fixed it and took it for my MOT while I was bed ridden due to having a full hip replacement at the age of 24 ( which I am sure by now most people know). Meaning regreasing the CV joint and replacing bolts and radiator which is now has a sexy full size rad.

11822494_10154081051668761_3624966795545905983_n 11825653_10154081051553761_8267313296151984928_n

These friends didn’t realize that I was about to send them on close to 600 miles too pick up my dream wheels which are extreme offset smoothies, this idea came from talking to sketchy yes the man himself about one of my 5’s then I thought they would really suit a ED2. After sending them on their epic quest for the wheels we fitted them, camber arms and all new tyres. Well the results for me are stunning.

11113582_10154108462408761_2744446925653969745_o 11892235_10154116413943761_1699649032557586654_n 11903872_10154116413613761_7012055943286059499_n

Silly camber silly lows and silly big grins too me nothing could be any better right now. Got given some pretty rare goodies from someone who came and helped me out when I had an accident in my first one. Like some super rare Honda access floor mats which I didn’t realize are worth a small fortune! Rear mudflaps, strut brace, door speakers and a modified CRX back box. So I rushed too get them all fitted before Japfest 2. These pictures are from the day before.



11889640_10154122859738761_118066648568370457_n 11902584_10154122859808761_1399740668134934631_n 11903955_10154122859613761_2329047658621272221_n


She got alot of attention and this is where my first ever post comes to an end. I glossed over some things since well you don’t need to know everything and given the chance there would be far too many pictures and words that no one would even skim read or look at it. So this is from Japfest 2, hope it was worth the read as I really kind of enjoyed writing this and hoping to add more in the future as I will never let this little car go no matter how much Hilary cost’s me.




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